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Scott Stone Endorsed for Lt. Governor by NC’s Largest Newspapers

Stone endorsement graphic

Former NC Rep. Scott Stone received the endorsement of the largest newspapers in North Carolina to be the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor. The Charlotte Observer, the Raleigh News & Observer, and the Durham Herald-Sun all agree Stone would be the most effective Republican Lieutenant Governor.

From the endorsement:

“We believe former NC Rep. Scott Stone would be the most effective Republican lieutenant governor.

Stone, from Mecklenburg, is a strong but not bombastic conservative who brings a thoughtful, deliberate approach to his work. He’s also a successful businessman who is the kind of public face Republicans should want to express their values.”

With 9 candidates in the race, this endorsement is a strong vote of confidence for Stone, who is the president of a Charlotte-based civil engineering firm and former North Carolina Legislator.


Democrat Controlled NC Court of Appeals Rejects Voter ID Law

The North Carolina Court of Appeals has rejected the voter ID law, passed in 2018 after voters overwhelmingly approved a new constitutional amendment. The three judge panel, consisting of all democrat judges, voted unanimously to reject the Voter ID law citing it was rushed in its passage and had “discriminatory intent”.

This ruling is another example of Democrats ignoring more than 2 million voters,” said former Rep. Scott Stone. “It is outrageous that a simple requirement now protected by the NC constitution, and in place in more than 30 other states, continues to be rejected by Democratic judges. Following the will of the people, I was proud to help pass this law in 2018. Democratic judges must stop legislate from the bench.

The ruling provides one more challenge to requiring a photo identification to vote in the 2020 elections. Read More About The Ruling Here


Western NC Legislators Stand with Scott Stone

Western NC House Members Support Scott StoneSeveral Republican members of the North Carolina House have endorsed Scott Stone for Lieutenant Governor. Scott served with these legislators during his service in the General Assembly.

“I am humbled by the wide support I have received from colleagues all across the state,” Stone said. “The great Republicans have seen me in action. They know that I am the candidate who is best qualified and ready to serve as Lieutenant Governor.”

Charlotte Republican Leaders Endorse Stone

Charlotte GOP Leaders Support StoneWithin the City of Charlotte, Scott Stone has been only one of a small number of Republicans elected in the past few years. Many of the others are standing with Scott in support of his campaign for Lieutenant Governor. This follows the large number of North Mecklenburg Republicans elected leaders who are supporting Scott Stone.

Scott Stone Launches 1st TV Ad in Lt Governor Campaign

Scott Stone is Taking His Fight to the Airwaves

The Stone campaign is ramping up in advance in advance of the March 3rd primary and has launched his 1st TV commercial. The 1st ad highlights Scott Stone’s leadership on the issue of Sanctuary Sheriffs. He isn’t just talking about the issue, he is taking the fight straight to the sheriffs and holding them accountable.

Scott will continue to fight. To see some of his past actions, click here.

Join Scott Stone in the fight by signing the petition:

Share this ad on social media and with your email contacts.

Scott Stone Launches 1st TV Ad in Campaign for Lt Governor Click to Tweet

Stone Asks for Sanctuary Sheriffs’ Contracts to be Tied to ICE Cooperation

Scott Stone Wants Sheriffs’ Federal Contracts to Require ICE Cooperation.

Three of North Carolina’s Seven Sanctuary Sheriffs Receive Over $35 Million Annually from Feds

Former Rep. Scott Stone sent a letter to the North Carolina congressional delegation and urged them to take action, to require sheriffs cooperate with ICE as a condition of keeping their federal Intergovernmental Agreements. Read Letter Here.

North Carolina has seven sheriffs who refuse to honor ICE detainers. Three of these sheriffs’ departments – Mecklenburg, Forsyth, and Wake – hold Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) to serve as federal detention facilities. These contracts are very lucrative and generate more than $35.3 million between the three counties. This is a county revenue stream that far exceeds the cost of housing federal inmates.

“North Carolina’s Sanctuary Sheriffs must cooperate with ICE to keep their $35 million federal contracts to serve as detention facilities,” Stone said. “It is hypocritical for these sheriffs to accept millions of dollars from one federal law enforcement agency but refusing to cooperate with another.”

The sheriffs in Cabarrus, Gaston, Henderson, and New Hanover counties have similar IGAs with the U.S. Marshals Office to serve as federal detention facilities, yet those sheriffs willingly cooperate with ICE, as required by their oaths of office.

While seven sheriffs claim they have no legal right to honor these detainers and refuse to cooperate with a federal law enforcement agency, the other 93 sheriffs in North Carolina do not appear to share this interpretation.Stone calls on NC congressional delegation to tie sheriff contracts to ICE compliance


Former Rep. Scott Stone Officially Files for Lieutenant Governor

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Today Former Representative Scott Stone submitted paperwork at the NC Board of Elections to be North Carolina’s next Lieutenant Governor. Stone, a Republican, served in the NC House from 2016-2018, representing South Mecklenburg County.

With a deep background in the engineering and construction field, and an extensive business background as a job creator, Scott Stone brings unique experience and insights to NC government. This allows him to ask the tough questions and hold government accountable on fiscal policies and budgeting.

“My experience both as a legislator and a business leader have prepared me to lead North Carolina as its next Lieutenant Governor,” said Stone. “As a business owner, I understand the regulatory and financial challenges facing job creators and bring that experience to state government.”

Stone’s campaign will continue to lead on key issues facing our state, including pushing North Carolina’s seven “Sanctuary Sheriffs” to cooperate with federal law enforcement and improving efficiency in state government. As Lieutenant Governor, Stone will focus on further reducing corporate and personal taxes, eliminating regulatory burdens for small business, continuing teacher pay raises, and improving transportation in our state.

Stone currently serves as president of American Engineering, a regional civil engineering and survey firm, headquartered in Charlotte. The firm performs state and municipal infrastructure projects and design projects for clients throughout the Southeast. Stone resides in Charlotte and has two daughters.

Rep Scott Stone files for Lt Governor

Scott Stone officially files for lieutenant governor

Stone Calls on Mecklenburg to Honor Detainers or Forego $29 Million for Housing Federal Inmates

Stone Calls on Mecklenburg to Honor Detainers or Forego $29 Million for Housing Federal Inmates

Mecklenburg County Commission Chair George Dunlap Responds – Dunlap Encourages Feds to Relocate Hundreds of Inmates, Eliminate Funding

(Charlotte, NC) – This week former State Representative Scott Stone (R-Mecklenburg) called on the Mecklenburg County Sheriff to honor ICE detainers or give up its lucrative contract with the U.S. Marshals Service.

In a letter sent to Sheriff Garry McFadden, members of the Mecklenburg County Commission, and County Manager Dena Diorio, Stone said, “It is hypocritical that Mecklenburg County will openly cooperate with – and accept $29 million annually from – the U.S. Marshals Office by serving as a detention facility for federal inmates, but will not honor a simple detainer request by a different federal agency.”

Stone highlighted in his letter some of the inmates housed in the Mecklenburg County jail under the U.S. Marshals Service contract were the same inmates who were previously the subject of refused ICE detainer requests. If Sheriff McFadden (or another sheriff) chooses to ignore an ICE detainer, ICE agents are required to re-arrest the individual in the community and the U.S. Marshals take custody of the prisoner who is delivered to back to the Mecklenburg County jail.

It seems North Carolina’s Sanctuary Sheriffs are willing to take a political stand to appease their base by ignoring ICE detainers,” Stone said. “But they ignore their principles when their departments can make money housing some of the same inmates.”

Mecklenburg Board Chairman Responds

Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners Chairman George Dunlap responded to Stone’s letter and was open to the possibility of losing millions in federal revenue.

Included Chairman Dunlap’s email response, “As for the excepting [SIC] of federal money for housing federal inmates is concerned, that can easily be resolved if the federal government would build it’s [SIC] own detention facilities. Thank you for your concern.”

Almost 2/3 of federal inmates are housed in state and local detention facilities.1

In a subsequent email response to Stone, Chairman Dunlap doubled down on the idea and stated, “It could possibly solve the federal governments space concerns or maybe you could make better use of your time convincing your friends in the Federal Government to seek jail space at some other jail..”

Stone suggests this issue has a common-sense solution.

“Sheriff McFadden should cooperate with all federal law enforcement as his oath requires.” Stone said, “Honoring ICE detainers is in the best interest of the community and will ensure no adverse impact to the county’s budget.”

Gov. Cooper’s Absurd Veto Explanation is Completely Dishonest

Gov. Cooper’s Absurd Veto Puts Our Citizens At Risk

Gov. Roy Cooper put public safety at risk and stood with violent criminals when he vetoed House Bill 370. The bill to “Require Cooperation with ICE Detainers” is common sense legislation that would require sheriffs to cooperate with federal law enforcement agents and carryout their sworn duties of assisting in enforcing federal law.

Gov. Cooper’s Veto Message is absurd,” said former NC Rep. Scott Stone (R-Mecklenburg). “His rationale for vetoing HB 370 is dishonest and puts North Carolinians at risk.

This governor regularly offers weak and poorly articulated reasoning for his vetoes, but this is by far the most ludicrous to date and is filled with false statements.”

In his Veto Message, Gov. Cooper stated:

As the former top law enforcement officer of our state, I know that current law allows the state to jail and prosecute dangerous criminals regardless of immigration status. This bill, in addition to being unconstitutional, weakens law enforcement in North Carolina by mandating sheriffs to do the job of federal agents, using local resources that could hurt their ability to protect their counties.

Of course the current law allows the state to jail and prosecute criminals. But unfortunately this legislation was necessary because we have sheriffs refusing to cooperate with federal agents by detaining illegal immigrants who are already in jail for committing a second crime – often a violent crime. The governor alleges that local law enforcement resources are diverted by assisting ICE, but what he neglects to mention is that once a prisoner is being held for federal agents in a local jail, that local department receives federal funds for each day the prisoner is in custody. Furthermore, it is outrageous to argue that this legislation would hurt the ability of  local sheriffs and police to protect their counties. The fact is that by releasing violent criminals back into the community, instead of cooperating with federal agents, violent criminals are continuing to commit crimes and put the community at risk.

In May an illegal immigrant arrested for assaulting a female was released without honoring a federal detainer and he quickly was back to creating havoc which led to a 9 hour standoff with CMPD. READ HERE

ICE recently released a long list of examples of violent criminals, the most recent a man arrested on first degree rape and taking indecent liberties with a minor. READ LIST HERE.



North Carolina’s 2018-19 Budget Surplus Almost $900M

North Carolina had a record high budget surplus of $896 million for the fiscal year 2018 – 2019. The revenue collections were announced yesterday by the General Assembly’s non-partisan Fiscal Research Division.

The surplus is further evidence of North Carolina’s top ranked economy. The $896 million surplus is considerably higher than the $643 million surplus that the division projected in May. The jump comes in part from personal income tax payments for 2018 – which were due from taxpayers on April 15 – exceeded expectations by more than $150 million. Personal income tax revenues make up more than 50% of the state’s $24 billion budget.

I am proud to have supported, including voting to override the governor’s veto, the 2018 – 19 budget that produced a dynamic economy resulting in a record surplus of almost $900 million,” said Rep. Scott Stone. “The FY2018 budget, that the governor opposed provided the 5th consecutive increase raise for teachers, record pay increase for all state employees, increased investment in transportation, and a continuation of middle-class tax relief. We now have documented results that when taxpayers and businesses have more of their money to spend and invest it leads to higher tax revenues. Taxpayers always spend money more efficiently than government.

North Carolina State Capitol Building

As another indicator of North Carolina’s economic strength, sales tax revenues for May and June also exceeded forecasts by almost $74 million.

As North Carolina’s next lieutenant governor, I will work to ensure we continue the fiscally sound policies of the Republican-led legislature.

All of the Democratic legislators who are candidates for lieutenant governor, Reps. Chaz Beasley and Yvonne Holley, and Sen. Terry Van Duyn, voted against the 2018 budget that helped set the stage for this record budget surplus.

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