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Gov. Cooper’s Absurd Veto Explanation is Completely Dishonest

Gov. Cooper’s Absurd Veto Puts Our Citizens At Risk

Gov. Roy Cooper put public safety at risk and stood with violent criminals when he vetoed House Bill 370. The bill to “Require Cooperation with ICE Detainers” is common sense legislation that would require sheriffs to cooperate with federal law enforcement agents and carryout their sworn duties of assisting in enforcing federal law.

Gov. Cooper’s Veto Message is absurd,” said former NC Rep. Scott Stone (R-Mecklenburg). “His rationale for vetoing HB 370 is dishonest and puts North Carolinians at risk.

This governor regularly offers weak and poorly articulated reasoning for his vetoes, but this is by far the most ludicrous to date and is filled with false statements.”

In his Veto Message, Gov. Cooper stated:

As the former top law enforcement officer of our state, I know that current law allows the state to jail and prosecute dangerous criminals regardless of immigration status. This bill, in addition to being unconstitutional, weakens law enforcement in North Carolina by mandating sheriffs to do the job of federal agents, using local resources that could hurt their ability to protect their counties.

Of course the current law allows the state to jail and prosecute criminals. But unfortunately this legislation was necessary because we have sheriffs refusing to cooperate with federal agents by detaining illegal immigrants who are already in jail for committing a second crime – often a violent crime. The governor alleges that local law enforcement resources are diverted by assisting ICE, but what he neglects to mention is that once a prisoner is being held for federal agents in a local jail, that local department receives federal funds for each day the prisoner is in custody. Furthermore, it is outrageous to argue that this legislation would hurt the ability of  local sheriffs and police to protect their counties. The fact is that by releasing violent criminals back into the community, instead of cooperating with federal agents, violent criminals are continuing to commit crimes and put the community at risk.

In May an illegal immigrant arrested for assaulting a female was released without honoring a federal detainer and he quickly was back to creating havoc which led to a 9 hour standoff with CMPD. READ HERE

ICE recently released a long list of examples of violent criminals, the most recent a man arrested on first degree rape and taking indecent liberties with a minor. READ LIST HERE.



North Carolina’s 2018-19 Budget Surplus Almost $900M

North Carolina had a record high budget surplus of $896 million for the fiscal year 2018 – 2019. The revenue collections were announced yesterday by the General Assembly’s non-partisan Fiscal Research Division.

The surplus is further evidence of North Carolina’s top ranked economy. The $896 million surplus is considerably higher than the $643 million surplus that the division projected in May. The jump comes in part from personal income tax payments for 2018 – which were due from taxpayers on April 15 – exceeded expectations by more than $150 million. Personal income tax revenues make up more than 50% of the state’s $24 billion budget.

I am proud to have supported, including voting to override the governor’s veto, the 2018 – 19 budget that produced a dynamic economy resulting in a record surplus of almost $900 million,” said Rep. Scott Stone. “The FY2018 budget, that the governor opposed provided the 5th consecutive increase raise for teachers, record pay increase for all state employees, increased investment in transportation, and a continuation of middle-class tax relief. We now have documented results that when taxpayers and businesses have more of their money to spend and invest it leads to higher tax revenues. Taxpayers always spend money more efficiently than government.

North Carolina State Capitol Building

As another indicator of North Carolina’s economic strength, sales tax revenues for May and June also exceeded forecasts by almost $74 million.

As North Carolina’s next lieutenant governor, I will work to ensure we continue the fiscally sound policies of the Republican-led legislature.

All of the Democratic legislators who are candidates for lieutenant governor, Reps. Chaz Beasley and Yvonne Holley, and Sen. Terry Van Duyn, voted against the 2018 budget that helped set the stage for this record budget surplus.

Scott Stone’s Lt Governor Campaign Shows East Wake Grassroots Strength

Rep. Scott Stone talks with Lt Governor Dan Forest, and GOP supporter Chad Price at Red White & BBQ

At this week’s annual Red, White and BBQ, Scott Stone’s grassroots army was hard at work. At the annual gathering of 1,000+ sponsored by the East Wake Republican Club, the party faithful were greeted by a mega “Scott Stone for Lt Governor” sign  as they arrived at the Kozart’s farm in Knightdale.

While all of the declared Lt. Governor candidates were in attendance, it was hard to miss the large number of Stone supporters in the July heat.

“It was a great crowd with a lot of enthusiasm,” Stone said. “We feel good about the support we are getting throughout the Raleigh area.”

The event featured several notable speakers including Lt Gov Dan Forest, US Reps Ted Budd and George Holding, and NC Supreme Court Judge Paul Newby.


Ballantyne-based LendingTree to Create Almost 500 More Jobs in Charlotte

LendingTree, the online service that matches borrowers with lenders, announced Thursday plans to nearly double its local footprint after receiving state incentives in exchange for keeping its headquarters in Charlotte.

The fast-growing company will add 436 high-paying jobs that pay an average wage of over $100,000 over the next five years, under a deal approved Thursday by the North Carolina Economic Investment Committee. That package includes $8.37 million in state incentives for the Ballantyne-based company.

Read more here:

NC Ranked As State Considered “Tax Friendly”

Financial analyst company Kiplinger has released a list of states’ tax climate and North Carolina is listed as “Tax Friendly.” We rank better than our neighboring states of Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia.

This is in stark contrast to the days when the North Carolina General Assembly was Democratic-controlled. When Republicans took over the legislature in 2011, North Carolina had one of the highest personal and corporate tax rates in the country and the highest in the Southeast.

Read full article HERE

Stone Receives Endorsement of Charlotte Observer

Rep. Scott Stone received the endorsement of the Charlotte Observer in his bid for reelection. The paper’s editorial board rarely endorses Republican candidates, but still gave the nod to Rep. Stone and called him a “reliable low-tax conservative.…/e…/article220428455.html

Rep. Scott Stone Calls on DMV to Add New Locations, Allow Driver’s Ed Teachers to Give Tests

Rep. Scott Stone Calls on DMV to Add New Locations, Allow Driver’s Ed Teachers to Give Drivers’ Tests

 Charlotte, NC – NC Rep. Scott Stone (R-Mecklenburg) has sent a letter to DMV Commissioner Torre Jessup and Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson, requesting that high school driver’s education teachers be allowed to administer written tests for learner’s permits and road tests for provisional driver’s licenses. By eliminating this duplicative step and allowing driver’s education teachers to perform these functions, hundreds of thousands of trips to local DMV offices can be avoided each year.

“Our driver’s education teachers already know these students,” said Stone. “Teachers administer tests to students as part of their current duties. It makes perfect sense that teachers be able to eliminate a step in the process so that a trip to the DMV office can be avoided completely.”

The fees that are paid to DMV associated with the permits and licenses could instead be paid to the schools or directly to the teachers.

“Currently a DMV official observes a student driving for just a few minutes. This is not a good assessment of whether a new driver is ready to drive unsupervised,” Stone said. “A teacher who has driven with the student for several weeks is best prepared to evaluate that person’s driving skills and attest to whether they should be granted a license.”

Stone also reiterated a request from a September 5, 2018 letter to Commissioner Jessup that the DMV add new locations in high growth, high populations areas, including south Charlotte.

“Given significant growth in the Charlotte region and elsewhere, which often includes many citizens new to our state, it is long overdue for the DMV to add a new location in south Charlotte.”

Additional Benefits & Elements of Driver’s Ed Change:

– Students will not be forced to miss classes to visit the DMV office for their tests and paperwork.

– A teacher in a classroom can more easily verify the identity and home address of the new driver since he or she is already enrolled in the school as a student. This provides additional security and efficiency to the driver verification process.

– Teachers who are given this authority can be granted access to the state DMV system in a similar manner currently given to private inspection stations. Given current technology, it should be relatively easy for the teacher to be able to take the digital photo. Once a student passes the exam, the teacher can log it into the system and the document is automatically printed and mailed to the student’s home.

Some driver’s education programs are provided by private companies, but it is not unprecedented to allow private entities to interface with the DMV process. Private inspection facilities provide real-time information to the DMV as part of registration renewal process.

Background Data

During the 2017 – 18 budget year, the DMV issued the following documents:

Limited Learner Permit          98,270

Limited Provisional License  73,711

Full provisional license          54,629


The General Assembly appropriated in the 2018 budget $27,393,768 for Driver’s Education. Department of Public Instruction is tasked with distributing these funds to the LEAs.

Some LEAs charge a small fee to students for the course (for example – CMS charges $65). If at least a portion of DMV license and permit fees also supplemented the cost of Driver’s Education, there could be more funds available for our teachers.



Dentsply Sirona announces 320 New Jobs in Ballantyne

Dentsply Sirona, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, has announced a $3 million investment which will create 320 new jobs over three years.

Dentsply Sirona, the Dental Solutions Company™, develops, manufactures and markets comprehensive end-to-end solutions offering many dental and oral health products including general dental supplies and supplies and devices, CAD/CAM restoration systems (CEREC and inLab), digital intra-oral, panoramic and 3D imaging systems, as well as dental specialty products in orthodontics, endodontics, implants and more.

Dentsply Sirona employs nearly 15,000 employees with locations in more than 40 countries worldwide. Positions created by the expansion will include sales, customer service, clinical education, marketing and executive roles. Salaries will vary by position.

This is another great investment in North Carolina and Charlotte,” said NC Rep. Scott Stone, whose south Charlotte district will be home to Dentsply Sirona. “Not only will this investment bring permanent jobs to Ballantyne, but will also bring a large number of visiting dentists who will come the Charlotte for training.”

“We are excited to grow in North Carolina with the establishment of a U.S. commercial hub in Charlotte for our sales activities and the ongoing educational programs offered through our Dentsply Sirona Academy,” said Don Casey, chief executive officer of Dentsply Sirona.


Television Ad – People First, Politics Last

Stone Campaign Releases First Ad of 2018 Campaign

“People First, Politics Last” ad will begin to air this week

Representative Scott Stone’s campaign for NC House District 105 is launching its first television commercials this week. The spot, entitled “People First, Politics Last” features south Charlotte resident Laura Gaska, whose mother faced challenges in dealing with her assisted living facility.

“We didn’t know Scott, but Mom’s battle became Scott’s battle.” Gaska says in the ad. Gaska, along with another constituent, brought the issue to Stone’s attention several months ago. Gaska’s mother, Carol Ann passed away a few weeks ago. She was grateful that her mother was able to see that progress was being made on this important issue.

“When Mom passed, she passed knowing that Scott Stone was going to continue that fight,” she said in the ad.

Stone filed HB 1071, the Assisted Seniors Financial Protection Act earlier this year to help residents of assisted living facilities who were experiencing unfair price increases and unwarranted discharge. The legislation successfully put a spotlight on some facilities which were taking advantage of a loophole in the existing law. This prompted the assisted living industry to assess its own practices and publicly admit that not all facilities were following the “spirit of the law.”

“Our seniors are among the most vulnerable members of our communities,” said Rep. Stone. “It is incredibly important to ensure they are protected. These protections must be not only health related, but also financial. As our senior population grows these issues will continue to grow in importance.”

The ad also highlights the need for a more constructive tone in our political debate.

“We have too much hyper-partisan rhetoric and political acrimony. We need to set politics aside and have cordial, constructive dialogue when discussing issues.” Stone said. “It is what the people of this state want. It is the only thing that will allow us to come together.”


Rep. Stone Demands Answers of DMV for Secret Drivers License Office

On August 28th, Rep. Scott Stone sent a letter to the DMV commissioner to get answers on why there is a secret driver’s license office set-up only for special people. This is while taxpayers are taking time off of work to stand in line for 5+ hours.

In this letter, I asked DMV Commissioner Jessup to provide an explanation as to why this secret driver’s license office is in operation. North Carolina taxpayers deserve to know who had access to it, why those individuals were selected, and how they were notified. The significant frustration already felt from all those waiting in long lines at their local DMV facilities will only be compounded as they learn of the secret, invitation-only office.

In the letter, Rep. Stone said, “While North Carolinians across the state are spending hours waiting for service at other facilities, it appears that special invitations were sent to senior state employees for speedy, 20-minute appointments. Having a separate set of rules and privileges for a special few state employees is an affront to the taxpayers who pay their salaries.”

Read full letter here

WBTV news broke the news about the secret office and reported on our letter to DMV. Watch here:


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