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Republican Scott Stone brought business experience, engineering training, and conservative common sense solutions to the North Carolina General Assembly. Scott represented Mecklenburg County in the North Carolina House of Representatives for several years, where he earned a reputation as a strong leader who was willing to fight for his constituents. Scott has been proud that he has been able to be an effective conservative legislator, by putting people first and politics last. 

Scott is now ready to serve Mecklenburg County in the NC Senate. Scott is proud to have played a part in many of the reforms that have fueled North Carolina’s economy. Reducing the tax burden on working families and companies created a series of record state budget surpluses and a $2 Billion Rainy Day Fund. This increase in revenues allowed Scott to join with other legislators to invest in infrastructure, public safety, and education, including 5 straight years of teacher pay increases.

North Carolina cannot rest on its recent successes. Scott knows we must continue to work together to find bold solutions to an array of new challenges facing our state. As a member of the NC Senate, Scott will fight for you and the future of our state.


NC Senate District 42

Scott has lived in this district for more than 20 years. He is the president of a regional civil engineering firm, he started 10 years ago, which is headquartered in the district. His daughters attended CMS K-12 schools (Ardrey Kell, JM Robinson, and Polo Ridge) all within the district.

Senate District 42 is anchored by Providence Road and I-485 and stretches from Mecklenburg’s southern borders to Southpark. The map below shows the district boundaries.

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