The Republican led legislature has made great strides in reducing corporate and personal income tax rates. This reduction in tax rates has made us more competitive with surrounding states and has helped our “Carolina Comeback.” Representative Scott Stone has been proud to cast votes which continued to lower tax rates so we can make North Carolina the most competitive state in the country for businesses and individual taxpayers. Scott will also fight against tax policies which are divisive or pit one part of the state against another.

As a business executive who has managed multi-million dollar budgets, Scott knows how to control costs and implement market approaches to increase revenues – without tax increases. He will bring his business background to the General Assembly to ensure common sense, fiscally responsible solutions for the spending of your money.


Scott is the proud dad to two daughters who graduated from Ardrey Kell High School and serves on the NC House K-12 Education Committee. He has seen first-hand how thoughtful leadership can make a difference in improving the state’s education system.

Ardrey Kell graduation 2018

The new state budget, which Scott is proud to have voted for, will provide another much needed raises to our teachers – the 5th raise in past 5 years. The average teacher raise over past 2 years was 9%, and almost 20% over past 5 years. While we are on the right track, we still have much work to do.

Scott will continue to fight for budgets which will recruit and retain North Carolina’s best teachers by paying them the compensation they deserve. We must continue to drive graduation rates higher. Scott believes strongly in providing a pathway to career opportunities through Apprenticeships / Internships which can help keep kids in school.

In addition to the state’s crucial K-12 schools, our 16 campus University of North Carolina system must continue to be among the top college systems in the country. Scott will fight to ensure that these universities continue to thrive while also keeping costs affordable.


white-star-dividerIn addition to being a member of the NC House Transportation Committee, Scott is a licensed, professional engineer with expertise in transportation and infrastructure issues. He understands the detailed policy issues associated with highway planning and construction. As one of the state’s fastest growing areas, we need to ensure that the area around the “Southern Loop” gets a reasonable portion of NCDOT’s investment. We continue to experience population and traffic growth throughout South Charlotte and Pineville, and that growth must be followed by expanded infrastructure. With large developments in the works in Ballantyne and in the Providence Road area, there is no more pressing issue for the residents of our district than transportation and ensuring that our area is adequately funded.

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